What’s Your 2023 Trifecta for Global Readiness?

Trifecta! Launching the first quarter of 2023 in Stockholm, Paris, and San Francisco – three dynamic cities where innovation leadership is front and center – provided much inspiration and insights. Stockholm is on the move with exciting new ventures and leadership practices – Paris is forging ahead in optimizing international networks

and local start-up communities – and San Francisco is hitting the mark on new technologies and collaborations that bring impact and value.
It’s exciting to create connections within, between and beyond these cities through our Global Innovation Readiness solutions at Global Minds Network. The greatest organizational challenges that I’ve observed are the readiness elements of launching new initiatives on an international scale. Global Innovation Readiness means that you’re ready to initiate, lead, and sustain organizational innovation across diverse cultures and markets. Yet, international planning and execution are not aligned; leadership training programs do not support international innovation and cross-cultural collaboration needs; and product, marketing or sales teams are not ready for international customers.

Our 2022 global study demonstrated that six Global Readiness Indicators were necessary for ensuring global innovation performance and international project success:
1. Innovation Leadership
2. Human-Centric Focus
3. Collaboration Process
4. Network Intelligence
5. Innovation Culture
6. Execution Mastery

According to feedback from our clients in 2022, there were three areas that proved most challenging where there was the greatest interest to find collaborative solutions: Collaboration Process, Network Intelligence, and Innovation Culture. There were issues in aligning cross-functional and cross-cultural teams across the enterprise and geographies. With the emergence of a hybrid world, there was a lot of concern in how to connect online and on-site teams in sharing knowledge within a worldwide digital network. Then there was great interest in understanding how to ensure the development of a global innovation culture and team climate. Yet clients also discovered the painful issues that occurred if they did not pay attention to execution mastery in a constantly changing international business environment.

While these areas were critical in aligning and ensuring organizational performance, the real discovery for our clients involved the two missing elements that are the core of successful international initiatives: Innovation Leadership and a Human-Centric Focus. An increasingly team and project-driven global network requires inclusive leadership where the roles of knowledge facilitator and innovation orchestrator are critical for team engagement and project success. This cannot be achieved without a human-centric focus in developing trust and relationships with employees and customers. Technology platforms and tools can support and enhance such interactions, however it starts with a leader and a human connection.

In reviewing the Six Indicators, what do you see as your Trifecta for Global Readiness in 2023? Check our Global Readiness Score Card to find out if you’re ready to lead and launch your international initiatives this year. Wishing you many exciting and successful initiatives around the world!

Author: Dr. Karina R. Jensen, Founder and Executive Director, Global Minds Network

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