2023 Events

2022 Events

  • Dec 5, Paris Global Virtual : Capgemini, Lightning Talks Series, “Co-Créer le Changement”, Dr. Karina R. Jensen, Guest Speaker
  • Sep 7 – Dec 7, Global Virtual: Global Innovation Readiness Series, Season 3 on “Creating Greater Impact”, every first Weds of month starting Sep 7 @17h CET. More info and registration: https://globalmindsnetwork.com/webinar-series/
  • July 20, Global Virtual: Launch and Preview Session for Global Readiness Fall Series 2022 with Dr. Thomas Arend, Stephan Coridon, Debjyoti Paul, Bryan Semkuley and Karina R. Jensen
  • June 5-8, Copenhagen: ISPIM (International Society for Professional Innovation Management) Conference on “Innovating in a Digital World”, “Are you Global Launch Ready?” Workshop with Karina R. Jensen, Bryan Semkuley and Zornitsa Yordanova
  • May 20, North America: Trend Hunter Festival, Bryan Semkuley, Keynote and Panel Speaker
  • Mar 17, Global Virtual: “The Six Global Readiness Indicators”, Innovators Team Series @Proponent, Dr. Karina R. Jensen, Guest Speaker
  • Mar 5-8, Global Virtual: Fireside Chat hosted by Karina R. Jensen with Graham Jones, Director of Innovation and Connected Health Research at Novartis, Innovation Roundtable Virtual Summit 2022: IRT Virtual Summit
  • Feb 10, Global Virtual: “Navigating a Changing World: How Women Will Lead the Way”, Dr. Karina R. Jensen, Guest Speaker, Women @eBay Webinar Series
  • Jan 31, Global Virtual: “Are You Global Launch Ready?”, Dr. Karina R. Jensen, Speaker and Workshop Facilitator, Airbus U-Shape Event

2021 Events

  • Nov 13 – Dec 9, Global: Snapshot Video Series on the Global Readiness Indicators for 2021/22: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1QeHfJMYxGDkibKjIn0Jtw 
  • Jul 22, France: “Piloter l’Innovation dans un Monde Connecté et Multiculturel”, Dr. Karina R. Jensen, Guest Speaker, PMI France (Project Management Institute) Webinar, Paris
  • Jul 3, India: “Amplified New Product Development & Team Collaboration in a Digital World”, Dr. Thomas Arend, Guest Speaker IET Technology & Innovation Leadership Talk, Bangalore
  • Jun 24, Global: Final webinar for Season 2 of Global Innovation Readiness Series, “Driving Global Readiness, from Concept to Market”, Global Innovation and Marketing Leader Bryan Semkuley with guest speaker Peter Dulcamara, Chief Scientist and Technical Vice President at Kimberly-Clark : Jun 24 Webinar
  • Jun 21-22, Global: “What Does It Take to Lead and Manage Innovation in a Changing World?” Workshop co-delivered by Dr. Karina R. Jensen;  “The Next Paradigm Shift: From Agile to Future-Fit Manifesto”, Fireside Chat hosted by John Metselaar: ISPIM Conference
  • Jun 8, Global: Fireside Chat hosted by Karina R. Jensen with Kathy Doiron, Catalyst Labs Director at Starbucks, Innovation Roundtable Virtual Summit 2021: IRT Virtual Summit
  • Feb 25, France: “Leading into the Future in 2021 and Beyond”, Dr. Karina R. Jensen, Panel Speaker, Franklin Covey Executive Leadership Webinar
  • Feb 18, Morocco: “L’innovation centrée client”,  Dr. Karina R. Jensen, Panel Speaker, Jeudis du Design, Webinar 
  • Jan 25 – Jun 24, Global: Season 2 Launch of the Global Innovation Readiness Webinar Series “Innovating for a Better World”, hosted by our International Advisory Team and guest speakers, Jan 25 – Jun 24; https://globalmindsnetwork.com/webinar-series/
  • Jan 8, Europe: “Global Collaboration for Innovation Success”, Dr. Karina R. Jensen, Collabwith Webinar Series

2020 Events

  • Dec 7 – 10, Global: ISPIM Virtual Conference, Innovation Leadership Session, Dr. Karina R. Jensen and John Metselaar, Speakers
  • Nov 26, Global: Innovation Roundtable Virtual Workshop, “Innovation Leadership, Teams, and Psychological Safety”, Dr. Karina R. Jensen, Speaker
  • Oct 16, Nepal: N-COPE Webinar, “Re-inventing the Social Enterprise In and Out of the Pandemic”, Dr. Karina R. Jensen, Panel Speaker
  • Sept 29, Global: The Innovation Roundtable Virtual Workshop, “Future of Work, Teams and Talent for Innovation”, Dr. Karina R. Jensen, Moderator and Facilitator
  • Jun 7-10, Global: The Innovation Leadership Workshop, Dr. Karina R. Jensen, ISPIM Virtual Conference (Intl Society for Professional Innovation Management) – Innovating in Times of Crisis, https://www.ispim-virtual.com/
  • May 21, Global: Launch of the Global Innovation Readiness Webinar Series, hosted by the Global Minds Network Team from May 21 – Jun 25
  • May 12, India: Leading Global Innovation Webinar, Dr. Karina R. Jensen and Lokesh Venkataswamy, Discover Innovation Series, Consortium of Indian Industry 
  • Apr 21, France: “Leadership for the New World of Work”, Dr. Karina R. Jensen, #IRONTALK at IronHack Webinar Series https://www.meetup.com/Ironhack-Paris/events/269926439/
  • Apr 3, US/Global: “Leading Global Innovation Teams”, Dr. Karina R. Jensen, Guest Speaker, Stanford Continuing Studies course on Innovative Teams
  • Mar 19, US/Global: “Leading Global Innovation and Multicultural Collaboration”, Dr. Karina R. Jensen, ISODC (Intl Society for Organization Development and Change) Webinar Series
  • Mar 13, France: “IT Disrupted”, Panel Speaker/Dr. Karina R. Jensen, Ecole des Ponts Business School Alumni Webinar Series

2019 Events

  • Nov 2, Paris: Presentation by Dr. Jensen on ‘Leading Global Innovation through Multicultural Collaboration’, IACCM-IESEG Conference on Cross-cultural Management in a Disruptive World
  • Oct 28-29, Ho Chi Minh City: Dr. Karina R. Jensen, panelist and presenter on ‘Sustaining Leadership and Innovation’, Vietnam Symposium on Leadership and Public Policy
  • Oct 21, Beijing: Global Minds Connect Mixer
  • Sep 4-5, Seattle: Global Innovation Facilitation Workshop
  • Aug 29, San Francisco: Global Minds Network Team Meeting and Planning Session
  • Aug 28, Silicon Valley: Global Innovation Readiness Talk, Product Management Team, Cisco Networking Academy, San Jose, California
  • Aug 27, Silicon Valley: Global Minds Connect Mixer, co-hosted with Avanta Ventures, Mountain View, California, USA
  • June 16-19, Florence: Presentation of Global Innovation Readiness: The Key Success Factors; Facilitation of Innovation Leadership Roundtables, ISPIM XXX Innovation Conference, Italy.
  • May 13-23, Kathmandu: Launch and delivery of Empower Social Innovation Program for Youth, Nepal.
  • Feb 20, Paris: Delivery of Leading Innovation and Co-creation, Executive Education Seminar, ESCP Europe, France.

2018 Events

IMUB-IMcourse-KJ (2)


2017 Events

IMUB-IMcourse-KJ (2)

  • Dec 14, Bangalore: Leading Global Product Innovation: The New Leadership Competencies, Webinar Presenter, Institute for Product Leadership, Executive MBA Program, Bangalore, India
  • Nov 16, San Francisco: Leading and Facilitating Multicultural Collaboration In A New World At Work, Webinar Speaker, People-on-the-Go Lunch & Learn Webinar, San Francisco, California, USA. 
  • Nov 1, Paris: Launch Celebration and Book Signing for ‘Leading Global Innovation’, Paris, France
  • Sep 20, Paris: Mastering Global Innovation and Collaboration: The New Leadership Skills, Evening Seminar, Centre de Leadership et Efficacité Organisationnelle, NEOMA Business School, Paris, France
  • Jul 3-5, Dubai: Facilitating Local Collaboration and Innovation In Emerging Markets, Academy of International Business Annual Conference, Presenter and Session Chair, Dubai, UAE
  • Jun 19-21, Vienna: Mastering the Art of Multicultural Innovation: The Leader as Maestro, ISPIM XXVII Innovation Conference, Presenter and Roundtable Facilitator, Vienna, Austria