Developing Capabilities for Leading Global Innovation

Challenge: An international tech leader, this fast-growing organization was poised for international expansion while responding to a quickly changing global market and pandemic transition from 2021-22.  It required leaders who could strengthen their knowledge and skills in facilitating and orchestrating global initiatives.

Discovery: The client’s newly designed Global Leadership Development program required custom modules with expertise and unique content for leading and implementing initiatives. A series of meetings and readiness reviews allowed the design and delivery of online and on-site modules for two cohorts of senior leaders and leaders. The online program in 2021 included a workshop with both cohorts and focus tracks for each cohort. The insights from the first program allowed for the delivery of an online pre-work module and on-site workshop in 2022 with two new cohorts.

Results: The new module on Leading Global Innovation focused on learning outcomes applied to leadership capabilities and readiness for launching new initiatives. Leaders were invited to co-create a shared vision where they identified collaboration and execution mastery as primary needs for organizational innovation. A global readiness assessment and co-creation sessions allowed them to develop frameworks and process maps for leading their own initiatives. Participants appreciated the opportunity to learn about the latest research and practices from leading experts through real-world examples. They enjoyed the interactive challenges and peer learning with application to current initiatives. Leaders were able to envision, collaborate and innovate to ensure global readiness capabilities.

“It was great working with Global Minds Network, in particular Karina. The module was designed around understanding global innovation and touched upon topics including cross cultural understanding through the lens of innovation, working across teams, and gave numerous case study examples about industry practice. The module offered models that translated into practical application. A great introduction into global innovation.” (Talent Development Director & Manager)

Connecting Facilitators and Customers in a Global Innovation Network

Challenge: Xinova offers a unique global platform and network of 12,000 innovators in 113 countries who rapidly solve problems and deliver client solutions worldwide. The Innovation Facilitators serve a valuable role in managing Open Innovation projects. This required strategic facilitation and an applicable innovation process for improving online and on-site collaboration skills within a global innovation market network.

Discovery: An organizational audit and global readiness assessment revealed the need for a structured learning framework applied to the Xinova innovation facilitation methodology. The training format required more dynamic interactions through experiential learning. Through engagement with innovators and the management team, a two day workshop was held to co-create and test the online innovation facilitation training program.

Results: The new program focused on training innovation facilitators who can design and deliver high impact solutions through online and on-site collaboration. Designed for online interaction, instructor-led sessions emphasized peer learning and knowledge-sharing to optimize the talent and experience of participants. Evaluations showed high satisfaction and engagement by innovators who enjoyed the interactive structure, dynamic learning content, and knowledge-sharing opportunities. The program improved team collaboration and performance from open innovation to commercialization through audit, design and delivery of a strategic planning workshop and online training series. Project leaders improved facilitation of the customer collaboration process and increased project success for Xinova’s global innovation market network of 12,000 innovators.

“Global Minds Network was a fantastic partner. Karina Jensen worked with our team to create and deliver a series of online learning modules to kick off our program and provide us a structure we can build on as we grow.”

– Matt Ferguson, VP Innovation Solutions, Xinova

Achieving Global Launch Readiness, from Concept to Market

Challenge: With consecutive, profitable quarters, this leading global software provider enjoyed rapid market growth in key geographies. In order to sustain market momentum worldwide, the client wanted to ensure the successful global launch of a new mission-critical solution platform. However, the client faced challenges with the planning and execution of the global plan, especially in driving the project and team process from concept to market.

Discovery: Global Minds Network performed a global readiness audit through interviews with stakeholders, leaders and team members in key geographies. We identified the need for a Global Innovation Readiness program to align the global product launch with an innovation culture based on the company vision. This required strategic co-creation of the new concept and global plan that would optimize local market knowledge of international teams. The design of a new team and project process would improve alignment and collaboration between cross-cultural and cross-functional teams located in Headquarters and international subsidiaries.

Results: Global Minds Network designed and delivered critical readiness solutions to ensure internal alignment and timely launch execution. In order to achieve organizational alignment and an effective team and project process, a global framework and process were introduced for key solution areas: Strategic Planning, Internal Communication, and Global Education/Sales Readiness. This resulted in a global readiness framework and process that enabled improved understanding, participation, and ownership by cross-cultural and cross-functional teams. It resulted in timely execution and a market readiness structure with consecutive successful product launches for the client’s platform software delivered to customers in 20 countries in APAC, EMEA, and Americas.

“Global Minds Network came into an organization that had extreme difficulty in launching a product and pulled everyone together to implement a disciplined, structured, and replicable launch process that led to successful product launches going forward.” (Global Marketing Director)

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