Survey – Global Launch Practices

How do you develop an effective plan, a responsive organization, and capable teams? How are companies setting new standards for global launch readiness? The Global Launch Best Practices Study explored these questions with executives and senior managers from leading organizations such as Google, VeriSign, SAP, and Symantec who share best practices and lessons learned.

We recently completed an Executive Brief based on the Global Launch survey. The brief provides key highlights from this in-depth study, in addition to recommendations for ensuring global readiness and launch success.

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Survey – Global Learning Practices

Since global learning plays a critical role in business performance, it is important to examine the current development and delivery of corporate training programs. Companies are developing learning services that respond to changing market needs in order to achieve worldwide business goals. How are companies setting new standards for global learning? What are the challenges and opportunities in creating a responsive organization? How are learning technologies and learning networks serving the educational needs of a worldwide audience? Recognized as key providers of professional development programs, corporate training centers play an increasingly important role in shaping global learning practices.

The purpose of this paper is to identify the key success factors required for developing and delivering effective global learning programs. In order to fully evaluate internal best practices, three areas are examined: 1) Business: Global education needs, 2) Education: Global training practices and 3) Resources: Learning networks and technologies. This paper is primarily based upon interviews with senior managers and practitioners who are responsible for developing and managing global training programs. It serves as a market survey of current learning needs and practices of US companies with global business operations.

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