Inspirations from ISPIM Copenhagen

Members of our International Advisory Team brought insights and inspirations on Global Innovation Readiness to the ISPIM (International Society for Professional Innovation Management Conference) in Copenhagen on the theme Innovating in a Digital World.

During the first week of June, Global Minds Network Founder Karina R. Jensen and International Advisory Team Members Bryan Semkuley, Olga Kokshagina and Zornitsa Yordanova had the opportunity to deliver talks and workshops to the ISPIM Innovation Conference held in Copenhagen, Denmark. The Summer conference focused on Innovating in a Digital World during four days of intensive learning, networking, and socializing with 430 attendees from 50 countries and another 70 attending virtually. Copenhagen’s vibrant local innovation scene and unique design practices combined with lively festivities and culinary delights offered the perfect setting for this event!

Advisors and Thought Leaders at Global Minds Network have been actively engaged as speakers, presenters, and facilitators since 2010. Not only is ISPIM considered the oldest global innovation network (founded in Norway in 1983), ISPIM (International Society for Professional Innovation Management) is the largest globally diverse community dedicated to innovation management with 3000+ members from 100 countries that include practitioners, researchers, educators, and consultants. According to Karina R. Jensen, Founder and Executive Director of Global Minds Network, this is exactly why she is happy to be affiliated with ISPIM in supporting collaboration across disciplines to create greater value for global innovation. She is the co-founder and co-leader of ISPIM’s Innovation Leadership SIG with the purpose to empower leaders who can inspire, connect, and engage in order to drive innovation.

Innovation Leadership SIG co-leaders Drs. Karina R. Jensen, Stephanie Kaudela-Baum and Rob Sheffield delivered two exciting workshops that unveiled a new innovation leadership competency framework and new publication forthcoming on innovation leadership practices. There were also sessions exploring art-based leadership development, organizational leadership, as well as a panel of industry leaders who discussed the future of leading innovation.

Global Minds Network Founder Karina R. Jensen, Global Innovation and Marketing Leader Bryan Semkuley, and International Digitalization and Innovation Leader Zornitsa Yordanova presented and co-facilitated a hybrid workshop on Global Innovation Readiness with the framework and the Score Card tool to test the innovation fitness levels of all participants. Per Bryan Semkuley “Being able to engage with such an esteemed group of innovation leaders from across the globe was a highlight for me”. On the final day of the conference, Zornitsa Yordanova presented a paper on User Innovation Strategies for Project Management Practices that included insights from the International Advisory team members.

Global Innovation and Design Leader Olga Kokshagina is an active contributor to ISPIM in serving as one of the leaders of the Special Interest Group on Methods and Skills. This year she and her collaborators organized a few workshops on the future of learning and the future of work. One of them is related to the launch of a new book Envisioning the Future of Learning for Creativity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship. According to Olga, the highlights of the conference included “discussions around digital transformation and future of work and how digital is shaping our new practices for collaboration and organization where sustainability is at the core of innovation”.

Future innovation trends that were observed by our participating Advisors and Thought Leaders included the implication of Artificial Intelligence for individuals, organizations, and societies; the role of innovation leadership, new ways of organizing societal challenges, gamification learning tools, and the tours to innovation labs and design centers in Copenhagen. Connections, celebrations, and inspirations topped off a memorable conference for all! Global Minds Network and the International Advisory team members look forward to contributing to the 2023 ISPIM Conference which will be held in Ljubljana, Slovenia from 4-7 June on Innovation and the Circular Economy.

Contributing authors: Casey Dahl and Rohit Ramesh, Global Development Interns at Global Minds Network

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