Innovating and Moving Forward in 2022

How can leaders transform current challenges to innovation opportunities in a constantly changing landscape? Our Global Innovation and Marketing Leader Bryan Semkuley shares his reflections and thoughts on global innovation readiness and how to prepare through execution mastery this year.

 No doubt the last couple of years have been challenging on all of us, personally and professionally. We’ve had to modify our behavior both at home and away from home, as well as how we engage with people in the world both directly and indirectly. Not all of this has been pleasant, but through what has become a globally shared experience, it has created the opportunity for us to re-look and re-think the challenges and opportunities in front of us and how we may find new innovative solutions for ourselves, our families and our customers at home and around the globe.

As exhibited through our recent Global Innovation Readiness Survey, leaders and participants indicated less confidence in bringing their innovative products and services to life, primarily impacted by their go-to market plans, marketing and sales readiness, and in-market execution. As we re-emerge from the recent restrictions, there will be not only new consumer and customer insights to process but ultimately modified or new consumption behavior will be revealed.

Now more than ever, business and innovation leaders need to have the flexibility, open-mindedness and expansive thinking to integrate those new learnings into systematic and rapid organizational knowledge-sharing to accelerate their innovation development process, develop more coordinated, robust and granular launch plans, and adjust the success criteria and metrics to reflect the new reality of the globally integrated and omni-channel world.

Now is the time for each of us as leaders to guide and energize our organizations, to emerge from our ‘chrysalis’, renewed and refreshed to inspire greatness. Wishing all a fantastic 2022.

Author: Bryan Semkuley, Global Innovation and Marketing Leader, Global Minds Network

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