John Metselaar

Global Leadership and Innovation Leader

John Metselaar is a Global Leadership and Innovation Leader at Global Minds Network. He is an international thought leader who has transformed a 30-year global leadership career at Procter & Gamble into expertise in Leadership, Innovation, Strategy, and Organizational Culture.  John is a highly respected influencer who has mastered the art of leading across academic, non-profit, and business disciplines. He teaches, speaks, inspires, and advices broader audiences living his purpose of Passion for Innovation, Fascination with Leadership, and the Power of Connecting.

To reach a wider audience for maximum impact, John has become a Professor of Management Practice at Solvay Brussels School for Economics and Management.  He also is Director at The Conference Board (NYC) owning its global Innovation & Digital Transformation Institute, and its European Innovation Council – bringing senior Innovation Executives together to grow their Innovation competence.  John’s extensive Procter & Gamble career included global and local work assignments in Cincinnati-U.S.A., Kobe-Japan, and Brussels, Belgium where his final position was the CTO of the pivotal P&G Brussels Innovation Center.

John enjoys serving as Executive Advisor and “Philosopher” and is a popular speaker on the topics of Innovation, Leadership, Strategy, and Culture. He has delivered key-note presentations to leading multinational firms such as AB-InBev, Bayer, Ecolab, Deloitte, Guberna, Pfizer, Mediamarkt, and more. His current project involves writing a book to share the Innovation Leadership and Organizational-Cultural transformation philosophy inspired by his successful P&G experiences around the world.

John is fully Board Certified, having graduated from Guberna’s Director Effectiveness, Board Effectiveness, and Board Simulation modules.  After having served on the board of eight of P&G’s legal entities, he today is Vice President of the Board of the American Club of Brussels, and member of the Advisory Board of CAPHRI (Care and Public Health Research Institute) at the University of Maastricht, and member of the Board of Belgian start-up Venturail. He holds a Masters degree in Chemical Engineering from Delft University of Technology.