Jacob Jespersen

Global Leadership & Culture Counselor

Jacob Jespersen is a Leadership and Culture Counselor at Global Minds Network. Having lived and worked in many different countries and cultures, Jacob embodies a truly global mindset. With 25+ years of experience in leading strategic initiatives, he has demonstrated his humanistic approach to creating innovation cultures and mindsets throughout the entire value chain and worldwide network – with a focus on Strategy, Products, Process, and Business.

Through his executive coaching and counselling firm Maptominds, Jacob brings human understanding, commercial & cultural experience to use as a Leadership Counselor and Coach for a wide range of global organizations. He has designed and executed company-wide culture and leadership interventions for firms such as MAERSK, TOTAL ENERGIES, APMT, THALES and GRUNDFOS who have benefited from Jacob´s profound understanding of the link between Culture, Mindset, Innovation & Performance.

In his most recent role as Head of Culture and Leadership at GRUNDFOS, the global leader in Pumps and water-handling, Jacob implemented a sustainable value-driven behavioral framework to secure existential transformation and drive the purposeful innovation of GRUNDFOS. The framework was successfully instilled through leadership and employee learning-journeys, people-processes, and continuous interaction with key stakeholders from boardroom to factory-floor. In his previous roles, Jacob was responsible for strategy and portfolio management at NOKIA and HTC with an innovation timeframe ranging from three months to five years and annual value up to 13 BN€.

Having experienced the unlimited power of human potential when nurtured by culture and leadership, Jacob ventured to understand human behavior and motivation at its core through his education as a clinical psychotherapist. He also holds a Masters Degree from the Engineering College of Copenhagen with studies at Texas A&M University. In addition to his professional career, Jacob has enjoyed the honor of rowing for the Danish National Team for seven years with three years as Coach. In his spare time, Jacob serves as a reserve officer where he does his best to secure a free world for the generations to come.